Celebrating Dietitians Day

PDF Dietitians Promote Health Fact Sheet

Today, March 15, 2017 marks the eighth anniversary of Dietitians Day, a special day dedicated to all dietitians across Canada.  Today, we celebrate dietitians as health care professionals, committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills in food and nutrition to improve the health of Canadians.  We spotlight the profession and reminds ourselves that dietitians are the smart choice for advice on proper eating, good nutrition and healthy living.  And we raise the profile of dietitians and help encourage and attract others to this worthy, satisfying and respected profession.

Dietitians make a difference!

They make it easier for the public to make healthy food choices. The advice and information they provide is tailored to the needs and values of their clients and communities. They translate complex scientific evidence into practical solutions to promote health and help clients manage special health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, food allergies and obesity.

They are valuable and important members of the health team. They work alongside other health professionals including physicians, nurses, occupational therapists and pharmacists. You’ll find dietitians working in hospitals, health clinics, long term care centres, public health, grocery stores, the food industry, as entrepreneurs, and in education and research.

They are regulated health professionals. To use the title Registered Dietitian (RD), dietitians must be registered with the dietetic regulatory body in the province in which they practice.  You cannot become a dietitian or a recognized health professional in food or nutrition through an online program or a one or two year program.

To become a dietitian, you need to complete a bachelor of science degree from an accredited university program plus a supervised, hands-on training program.

Thinking of becoming a registered dietitian?  Find out about our Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program!