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Celebrating Our Entourage at the Itsy Bitsy Tots Playgroup!

As part of last week’s “The Early Childhood Week”, we organized a special “Entourage” theme for our families and focused on the people our children depend on — such as parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or family friends — and demonstrated our gratitude for the role they play every day in our children’s lives.

Our playgroup facilitator, Lori, organized a fun yoga activity around partnering, where moms, dads and grandparents practiced Partner Yoga with their children doing different moves and poses together.  This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to not only connect through movement, but also to learn how to touch, how to be gentle and kind, how to be respectful and trusting, and how to connect, communicate and cooperate.

We were especially lucky during this playgroup session as we also had some of the older siblings join us during the yoga exercises.  They also helped the younger kids cut and decorate their paper Entourage Garlands.  Best of all, were the cute discussions between the siblings, as well as with their parents and grandparents on the importance of family and their entourage!

A thank you to Lori, our playgroup facilitator, for organizing such a fun morning!!  And a thanks to our parents, grandparents and many children for joining us for some creative fun!!!

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