Explaining the Law

EDUCALOI – Explaining the Law in Plain Language

Educaloi explains Quebec and Canadian law through articles and videos on legal topics such as health, housing, and consumer rights, as well as issues of special interest to seniors, parents and youth.  The section on Wills and Estates is especially helpful in financial planning and the writing of wills.  The section on Work and School is packed with information on the rights of youth at school and the workplace.  The section on Separation and Divorce includes topics on mediation for couples, financial support for children, child custody and more.  Make sure to visit the adult and youth zone.

Centre de Justice: Outaouais Community Justice Centre

The Centre de Justice provides free and confidential legal information, support and referral services.  You can call them at 819-600-4600 or at their toll-free number at 1-844-606-4600.


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