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Éducaloi’s “Are You Old Enough?” Online Tool

educaloiIn  the eyes of the law, you become an adult at 18 in Quebec. But did you know that children and teens do have some rights before they reach 18 years of age?  Éducaloi has a handy tool called “Are you old enough?”, which shows legal rights – and responsibilities – for children and teens.

For instance:

In terms of medical treatment, the law gives rights gradually as children and teens mature.  Under the age of 14, parents make the health decisions for their children.  From 14 to 17 years old, teens can make their own decisions about medical care that is necessary for their health, which can include taking medication, hospitalization and blood tests.  And for all kinds of medical treatments, if there is a hospital or clinic stay of more than 12 hours, parents must be informed.

Try out Éducaloi’s handy tool “Are You Old Enough?” to find out the rights of children and teens in Quebec!