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How Much Sugar is in Your Food?

A label can tell you how many grams of sugar are added to your food and drink, but what does it really mean?

To find out, visit our Pinterest page, where we’ve pinned some great pics of a wide range of popular foods and drinks that include a visual, or sugar stack, of the amount of added sugar.

What is Sugar?

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that belongs to a class of chemically-related sweet-flavored substances. It comes in many different forms. The three main types of sugar are sucrose, lactose, and fructose.

Even though our cells need sugar (glucose) to survive, consuming too much of it can cause numerous different health problems. Added sugar contains no beneficial nutrients and in excess only contributes to tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity.

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet has been shown to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and osteoporosis. And the grocery store shelves are full of foods with packaging promising to help do that.

But make sure to take a close look at the nutritional values, ingredients, and calorie counts in the food you buy, and to understand how they factor into your family’s healthy eating.

Food labels provide this information and allow you to make smart choices to help meet your family’s nutritional needs.

Try-out Health Canada’s Interactive Nutrition Facts Table