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“Jog Your Mind” Workshop Success!


When people think about staying fit, they often forget about their brain. And yet, your brain plays a critical role in everything you do, such as thinking, feeling, remembering and sleeping. Keeping your brain active and engaged increases its vitality and builds reserves of brain cells and connections. That’s why it’s important to challenge yourself to stay focused and to build concentration by reading, writing, learning new things and even doing crossword puzzles.

Our “Jog your Mind” Series of 4 FREE Workshops were a great success!  We had a great turn-out with 38 registered participants, and we all had a great time learning some useful tips, activities and memory exercises to help us jog our minds and keep our brains fit and sharp.   It was also a great opportunity for many of our seniors, who may be feeling socially excluded or isolated, to meet with friends, create new connections, and be part of the larger community.  Seniors are especially vulnerable to social exclusion and isolation, and both can contribute to poor overall health and emotional distress.

“The success of these workshops lies within the program itself and the participants,” explains Maureen Ricard, a retired nurse and the facilitator of the Workshops.  “The aim is to increase memory by alleviating doubt and increasing confidence.  It’s a win-win situation as learning is empowering!”

A volunteer with Connexions for over 6 years, Maureen has been instrumental in developing and facilitating these and other  information sessions for our English-speaking population. For Maureen, these Workshops provide a satisfying and rewarding environment for both the participants and herself: “I enjoy the interaction with people. I enjoy seeing them engaged and happy to be learning!  I am grateful for this opportunity as I’ve learned a lot doing these workshops.  Each new group has a different dynamic and each keeps me challenged and enthused.  These workshops have been a wonderful experience for me.”

We would like to thank Maureen for her countless hours organizing and facilitating these information sessions for Connexions.  As a retired Nurse, Maureen is able to explain health issues in simple terms and answer questions with great empathy. Her long-standing dedication and commitment is an asset to our community.

We would also like to thank the Catholic Women’s Guild (CWG) for inviting us to present our “Jog Your Mind” Series of Workshops at St. Mark’s Church!

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