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Observatoire des tout-petits’  2017 Highlights: How Are Quebec’s Youngest Children Faring

PDF,  2017 Highlights: How Are Quebec’s Youngest Children Faring

The Observatoire des tout-petits’ recently published its 2017 Highlights: How Are Quebec’s Youngest Children Faring on the state of health and development of Quebec’s youngest children (0-5 years old) and describes the conditions surrounding children’s birth, their physical and mental health and their development.

“The data presented in this portrait and their evolution remind us, more than ever, of the importance of ensuring that the development and well-being of the youngest Quebecers remains a priority for Quebec society.”

According to the 2017 Highlights, there are both positive and negative points. Generally speaking, babies are coming into the world under better conditions. There has also been improvement in certain areas of young children’s physical health, including asthma, accidental injury and infectious diseases. Some of the collective measures that have been implemented over the past several years may have contributed to these improvements (please see 2017 Highlights for more detailed information).

Certain situations continue to give cause for concern such as the rate of caesarean births, outbreaks of measles, excess weight and obesity, mental health and early childhood development. Data in this 2017 Highlight also shows that obtaining access to a family
doctor, pediatrician or even a non-teaching professional is difficult for certain children.

The report highlights collective drivers that can positively affect young children’s health, well-being and development—whether it be by improving the socioeconomic environment of the very young, providing better access to healthcare or quality daycare, ensuring better training for professionals, conducting awareness campaigns or offering more support to parents.

Here are a few quick Infographics from the  2017 Highlights: How Are Quebec’s Youngest Children Faring:


Observatoire des touts-Petits

The mission of the Early Childhood Observatory is to help ensure that the development and well-being of Quebec’s very youngest children has a place
on the province’s list of social priorities. In order to do so, the Observatory compiles the most rigorous data on 0-5 year-olds which it then disseminates to incite dialogue on collective actions in this area.


Observatoire des tout-petits.  How Are Quebec’s Youngest Children Faring? 2017 Highlights.  Montréal, Québec : Observatoire des tout-petits.