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Organization Spotlight: Child Home Alone Courses with Safety Tree

What is the right age to leave your child home alone? Does it depend on the child’s personality or level of maturity? Or does it depend on the child’s age?  Many parents struggle with the decision to leave a child home alone.  And this is why more and more parents are enrolling their children in personal safety programs.

Safety Tree offers personal safety courses that equip kids with the knowledge they need to make responsible decisions.  The program uses games, digital media, videos and a variety of activities to help kids recognize ‘tricky people’ and to prepare them to stay home alone.  And by offering interactive classes, the children are able to work in groups and even practice skits, giving them the opportunity to work-through scenarios and become comfortable and confident in handling potentially dangerous situations. Another key component of the program is Internet Safety: if children are online and unsupervised, they are vulnerable and may not truly be alone.  These workshops help kids to be cyber smart and to be good digital citizens.

What courses does Safety Tree offer?

My Safe Life
My Safe Life is a personal safety program created for children 7 to 10 years. The program uses traditional gaming, digital media, video, role play and repetition to teach children. Children learn life skills that will keep them safe and make caring and respectful decisions in their everyday lives. Topics include people safety, tricky people/inappropriate adult behaviours, safe strangers and strangers to avoid, bullying prevention, basic self-defence, online safety, fire safety and basic first-aid.

Home Alone Safety for Kids
The Home Alone Safety for Kids program helps children gain confidence and skills to stay at home alone successfully. This safety program is designed for children aged 9 through 12 years old. Safety and awareness are the common themes in this program. Topics include street smarts and bike safety, online and internet safety, snacking and kitchen safety, home fire safety, how to handle emergencies and other situations and basic first aid skills.

Safety for Independent Living
Safety for Independent Living was created to help youth and adults with developmental disabilities feel safe in all their usual places: home, work, school, online and in the community. This comprehensive 8-10 hour safety program empowers people with tools to make confident choices and live a safe life. Each student receives a take home manual and a certificate of participation.