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Our Hands-On Medical Emergency Session Informed and Empowered Participants!

We had a great Information Session yesterday, Wednesday, January 25, learning about what to do during a medical emergency and how to spot the signs of a stroke or heart attack.

Our two facilitators Nick Cartwright and Anne Valcov, both instructor-trainers for the Gatineau Ski Patrol, were incredibly knowledgeable and interactive.  They kept the session light while discussing real life situations and what to do in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

The 30+ participants had a chance to ask lots of questions during the session and were given the chance to practice resuscitation techniques on manikins.  The participants felt they had learned a great deal from the session, found they enjoyed it immensely and walked away feeling empowered and much more confident, knowing what to do during a medical emergency.  In fact, many of the participants asked for a repeat session!

So what does one do during a medical Emergency?

Step 1. Assess the Situation

Step 2. Call 9-1-1

Step 3.Loosen any Tight Clothing

Step 4.Comfort and Communicate

Step 5.Begin CPR if the Person is Not Breathing

If you’ve never performed CPR, if possible, bring the phone next to the person and place on speaker mode. This way, an emergency dispatcher can assist you with CPR instructions.

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