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Did you know that on average, teens drink more than 1.7 litres of sugary drinks every day?

Soft drinks and fruit drinks (including 100% juice) are main sources of sugars in the diet of Canadians. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity, a key risk factor for chronic diseases.  As well, diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are now showing up in teens.  And sugar also carries a higher risk of poor oral health in children.

Need some ideas to reduce your sugar intake?

  • Make water the drink of choice and limit sugary drinks;
  • Limit foods and beverages high in calories, fat, and sugar like cookies, pastries, pop and other high-calorie drinks. In general, these products have low nutritional value;
  • If possible, eat a fruit instead of drinking a juice. When consuming juice rather than the whole fruit, people generally consume more than the serving size of the whole fruit, and as such more sugars. As well, juice does not contain the fibre found in the whole fruit.
  • Build a healthy meal using the Eat Well Plate from Health Canada.
  • Try-out some of these Eat Well recipes from Health Canada.
  • Follow some of these Meal Planning Basics from Health Canada;
  • Check-out our Pinterest How Much Sugar is in your Food?