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New Super-Clinic Now Open!

Photo Source: 12 nouveaux médecins de famille arrivent à Gatineau

Don’t forget to register on the waiting list at the Guichet d’accès à un médecin de famille (GAMF) for a family doctor!

The new super-clinic opened it’s doors on Tuesday, July  4 at the corner of St-Raymond and Cité-des-Jeunes in the Hull sector, with 12 new family doctors gradually taking on new patients throughout the months of July to October.  The clinic is expected to accommodate a total of 21 family physicians and will include nurses, various health care professionals and medical specialists on staff. There will also be radiology, ultrasound and blood work on site.

The super-clinic is open twelve hours a day, seven days a week and offers consultations by appointment and by walk-in.  It is expected that a minimum of 20,000 new patients will receive care per year, with 35,000 to 40,000 walk-in consultations within the first year.

To schedule an appointment with your family doctor or for a walk-in consultation, please contact the Clinique Médigo directly at 819-282-7090.  For more information, please refer to their Website at only).  The phone lines and Website will be operational on Monday, July 3rd and the super-clinic will be open on Tuesday, July 4.

The super-clinic will complement services already offered by family medicine groups, and will help to funnel non-urgent medical cases away from emergency rooms and ensure more Quebecers have access to front-line care and specialized services.

In order to obtain accreditation, super-clinics must offer:

  • a minimum of 20,000 consultations annually.
  • Be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for a total of 84 hours weekly.
  • Offer same-day appointments, up until three hours before the clinic’s closing time.
  • Offer blood and other tests on site.
  • Have an agreement with a diagnostic-imaging centre, either on-site or in close proximity to the clinic.
  • Develop an efficient mechanism to link to other specialized services.

Sources: La nouvelle superclinique de Gatineau inaugurée  12 nouveaux médecins de famille arrivent à GatineauQuebec to create ‘super-clinics’ to improve doctor access