Talking Healthy Eating at the Itsy Bitsy Tots Plagroup!

The kids had a blast at our Itsy Bisty Tots Playgroup this morning!!  Sabrina Marseille, a registered dietitian, brought along some brochures and pamphlets for the parents on healthy eating and nutrition- and also surprised the kids with some strawberries and bananas so they could make their very own fruit smoothie!!

The kids were so excited- it took them just a few minutes to wash their hands and to sit expectantly at the table.  First, they had to draw their favourite fruit- and tell us why they thought it was the yummiest and healthiest.   And then with plastic knife in-hand, they cut their strawberries and bananas, and then added them to the blender. They even got the chance to help Sabrina pour the milk into the blender!!  Once the smoothie had been mixed, everyone got to enjoy a cup of their very own concoction, which was stock-full of vitamins (especially Vitamin C and D), minerals, fiber, essential fats and enzymes- and of course let’s not forget all that yumminness!!

A thanks to our parents for coming out with their kiddies to enjoy such an awesome morning!  A thank you to Sabrina for joining us and showing the kids how much fun they can have eating healthy!  And of course a thank you to Chantelle Slocombe for organizing another great event for our Itsy Bitsy Tots Playgroup!!

If you have any questions or ideas of activities you would like to have at playgroup, please let us know by contacting us at 819-777-3206 or at

Enjoy the pics!