Talking Motor Skills & Good Dental Health Care at Our Itsy Bitsy Tots Playgroup!

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The kids had a great time this morning at playgroup!  They enjoyed lots of free-play, colouring and of course a healthy snack- and best of all, they welcomed some extra special guests!

Phil dropped by for a quick game of Lacrosse!  A teacher’s aid at Pierre Elliott Trudeau School (PETES), Phil works in several of the classrooms to encourage students to run, jump and just have fun navigating their environment.  For our playgroup, Phil taught the kids how to use Lacrosse Sticks, and the aim of the game was to get as many tennis balls into the basket as possible!!

The kiddies also enjoyed a visit from Sophie, who spoke about the importance of good dental health care and how much fun it is to brush our teeth.  Dino the Dinosaur was kind enough to show the kiddies how it’s all done- and he even let the tikes take a stab at brushing his teeth!   A story soon followed, with Dino the Dinosaur teaching the kids all about cavities and how to fight them.