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Highlights of Our Videoconference: The Changing Role of the Pharmacist

We would like to thank our participants for attending yesterday’s free videoconference on The Changing Role of the Pharmacist.  It was a great session! We had the opportunity to learn about the new services offered by pharmacists and their extended advisory role and to ask some specific questions about antibiotic resistance and how to properly use asthma inhalers and take prescribed medication.

We would like to thank the speaker, Jean-Marc Belanger, Pharm.D., Community Pharmacist, who spoke to us about out how difficult it can be to read pill bottles and dosages, and if ever in doubt to ask your pharmacist. He also spoke about inhalers and some options to make them easier to use that are now available at the pharmacy. He also noted that you can ask for tools like blister packs to sort your pills and easy to remove caps.  He also shared some of the new services that are now offered through the pharmacist including new prescribed products and the pharmacists extended advisory role.  The following are some great resources and information that were shared during the videoconference.

Learn About the New Services!

Often, the pharmacy is a gateway to the health system. You can meet your pharmacist without an appointment. And there’s no waiting list!

Your pharmacist is a health professional who is available for you, providing front-line access to health care. He takes the time to listen to you and advise you. He has your file on hand and follows your health closely. The best way of ensuring that your medication is effective is a close follow-up.

You can also count on your pharmacist’s advice on many health-related issues, such as the flu, seasonal allergies, muscle pain—not to mention children’s cuts and scrapes! In many cases, all it takes is a simple visit to your pharmacy.

And now that’s truer than ever, because your pharmacist can offer you seven new services, from extending prescriptions to prescribing medication for minor conditions.  Find more information about the new services offered by your pharmacist in the image below and try out the clickable guide at Your Pharmacist Does More+

PDF, Who Could Save you a Visit to the Medical Clinic


PDF, The Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan

Why might I have to pay for these services at the pharmacy, but not at the hospital or medical clinic?

The government has decided that these services are covered by your prescription drug plan, not by the public health insurance plan. That means you may have a deductible or co-payment, depending on your prescription drug plan. You may therefore have to pay something at the pharmacy.

The cost of these services has been set by the government, and it’s the same for all patients across Quebec.

Additional Resources – My Pharmacist App
By L’Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires

Your pharmacist can now follow you wherever you go thanks to this handy new mobile application. Alerts to take your medication, monitoring of your relative’s treatment, contraindications, renewals or maps to locate the nearest pharmacy; this tool includes a ton of convenient features to simplify your health.

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