Picky Eating Resources | Healthy Eating For Families & Children

Depending on their age, children react differently to foods. Some children will not like trying new foods. Others will no longer like a food that they enjoyed a few weeks previously. Some children will sort foods that have been mixed together, or examine them for a long time.

All of these reactions are completely normal. It is caused by a child’s fear of unfamiliar foods.

Resources on “Picky Eating”:

Resources on Healthy Eating:

Have Fun with Food!

Join Jessica, an Anthropology and Sociology student at Ottawa University (and a past volunteer student with Connexions!) for some fun apple donut, silly pizza and fruit shish-kabob making!  Have fun with your child while also eating healthy!

“Picky Eating” Infographics:

These infographics, recipe book and related resources were created and compiled by our four Ottawa University students in the Nutrition Program based on a fall 2021 survey that our Outaouais community completed.

A special thank you to Mona Farahbakhsh, Isabelle Guindon, Caroline Laurin and Nada Tasra for joining us for their fall placement as student volunteers.