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Connexions’ Activities and Services for Children & Families

Itsy, Bitsy Tots Playgroup: The Itsy Bitsy Tots Playgroup program provides a social-support network for English-speaking parents of young children (0-5 years) that includes health promotion activities and information.  Thanks to a partnership with Cégep Heritage College and their Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) program, the Playgroup is held at the College in their bright and spacious new wing and we are working with staff and students from the ECCE program to provide parents and tots with even more fun and educational activities.  A bilingual parent-facilitator leads the activities.  Join our Itsy Bitsy Tots Playgroup Facebook Discussion Group to find out about upcoming events for our 0-5 playgroup and our Baby Chat.

School Readiness Kit: In collaboration with the WQSB and the ECCE of CEGEP Heritage College, Connexions developed a pilot project in 2013-14 to produce a School Readiness Kit for parents of children 0-5 years of age. These resources for regional English-speaking families help them prepare their children for the transition from home or daycare to school. The contents of the kit focus on parenting skills to establish routines and healthy lifestyles, early literacy and numeracy activities to prepare children for school, and access to related health and community services. The kits are distributed during kindergarten open-houses at targeted schools of the WQSB and through the CLSCs in Gatineau. Funding is provided by the regional Persévérance scolaire (CAPS) fund.  Find out about our Online Readiness Tools, as well as our September 2021 School Readiness Kit 

Online Directory of Community Resources for Families with Special Needs:  Connexions is developing a Directory of Services for parents and caregivers of children, youth and adults with special needs.  We are continually adding more resources.  

Connexions’ Parent Chat Support Group for Families with Special Needs: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Parent Chat get-togethers are cancelled, but you can still connect with us on our Connexions Facebook page daily for our daily Livestreams with special guests.  You can also join us on our Parent Chat Facebook Discussion Page to chat with parents and share resources.

Live Chat Video Series: We are putting together a series of Live interviews with national, provincial and local community organizations who support caregivers.  You can watch these Live Chats on our Facebook Page, on our website and also on our YouTube Channel.

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Connexions’ Children & Family Related Articles

If you’ve missed any of our articles or are a new reader, we’ve made sure to gather them all under Connexions’ Children & Family Related Articles.  The following are current and newsworthy articles that relate to children and families and that we have shared on our Website and through our Social Media.


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