Crisis & Non-Crisis Lines

If you are in crisis or have suicidal thoughts, please call:

  • 911 or go to a hospital emergency room.
  • Suicide prevention line at 1-866-APPELLE (277-3553).
  • Canada Suicide Prevention Service 24-Hour Crisis Line: Available 24/7 at 1-833-456-456, or text 45645 (4PM – 12AM EST)
  • Info-Social at 811, press option 2 to speak with a social worker 24/7.
  • Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region 24/7 at 613-238-3311. You can also text and chat with the Distress Centre between 10:00 am and 11:00 pp, 7 days a week — text 343-306-5550 or chat
  • Tel-Aide Outaouais at 819-775 – 3223 or toll-free: at 1-800-567-9699.
Crisis & Non-Crisis Lines

Non-Crisis Helplines

If you need emotional support, or are feeling low or sad:

Talk to someone you trust, like a family member, friend or a guidance counsellor, or see your doctor to discuss your options for support.




  • Interligne24/7 Free helpline. Phone, text, chat for LGBTQ+ people seeking support and information. Call or text: 1-888-505-1010
  • LGBT YouthLine. Confidential and non-judgemental peer support through phone, text and chat.  Call: 1-800-268-9688. Chat: 647-694-4275
  • Aide aux Trans du Québec (ATQ). 24/7 Free helpline for trans individuals. Call: 1-855-909-9038 Option #1
  • Trans Lifeline. Trans peer support hotline. Family and friends hotline. Call: 877-330-6366




  • Veterans experiencing distress should call the VAC Assistance Service at 1-800-268-7708 to speak to a mental health professional.  It’s free and available 24/7.
  • Veterans and their family can also access useful resources through the Veterans Affairs Canada PTSD Coach Canada app.  Additional mental health resources on the Veterans Affairs Canada Website.

Indigenous Peoples:

  • NWAC Elder Support Line | Canada-Wide.  Available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST: 1-888-664-7808
  • First Nations, Métis & Inuit. Hope for Wellness Help Line | Canada-Wide. If you’re experiencing emotional distress and want to talk, call the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line, available 24/7:  1-855-242-3310 or the online chat at
  • National Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line | Canada-Wide. Available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of his or her Residential school experience: 1-866-925-4419
  • Kids Help Phone | Canada-Wide. Indigenous Peoples can connect with an Indigenous volunteer crisis responder, when available, by texting FIRST NATIONS, INUIT or METIS to:686868 for youth and 741741 for adults

All Ages:

  • Connect for free 24/7 support through the Wellness Together Canada portal
  • Ami-Quebec: Free bilingual services including one-on-one counselling for caregivers, tele-workshops and interactive session by teleconference.