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The following tools and resources include information on health and social services, as well as baseline data reports, community reports and language access policy.


Connexions Tools

Connexions has created tools to help the English-language population navigate health and social services in the Outaouais.

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Connexions Newsletter

Connexions publishes a quarterly Newsletter that highlights important events and information related to health and social services in the Outaouais that would be of interest to parents, caregivers and seniors.

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Connexions Media Room

Our Media Room includes all of our latest activities and events in which we’ve taken part, as well as any news pieces that highlight the Connexions organization.
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Health Canada News

The following are some newsworthy articles, infographics and open consultations specific to Health Canada.
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Health & Safety Tips

The following are quick and simple tips that we’ve pinned on our Pinterest page and that highlight healthy eating and nutrition, healthy living, food allergies and more. These tips are created by various Canadian organizations that we thought were worth a share.

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Appui Outaouais Newsletter

L’APPUI Outaouais is an organization dedicated to supporting caregivers of seniors so they needn’t feel alone in their role. APPUI’s projects focus on the development of training, psychological support and respite. They have a listing of support organizations and services in the Outaouais and publish a monthly APPUI Caregiver Newsletter.
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AMI-Québec Newsletter

Ami-Québec helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.  Their Share & Care newsletter is published four times a year and includes articles on various services, coping strategies, information on mental illnesses, and program details.
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CHSSN Publications

Includes Data Reports and Community Portraits of the English-speaking population in Quebec, as well as Language Access Policy and Publications by the Community Health and Social Services (CHSSN).

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