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Volunteer Students from Ottawa University - Nutrition Program Depending on their age, children react differently to foods. Some children will not like tryingnew foods. Others will no longer like a food that they enjoyed a few weeks previously. Some children will sort foods that have been mixed together, or examine them for a long time.

Manychildren refuse to try a new food. This reaction is called food neophobia, and is completely normal. It is caused by a child’s fear of unfamiliar foods.

Here are a few infographics on “Picky Eating” created by four of our Volunteer Students from Ottawa University in the Nutrition Program.  These infographics, recipe book and related resources were created and compiled by our students based on a fall 2021 survey that our Outaouais community completed.

A special thank you to Mona Farahbakhsh, Isabelle Guindon, Caroline Laurin and Nada Tasra.

Resources on “Picky Eating”:

Resources on Healthy Eating:

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