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Special Needs

Connexions’ Activities and Services for Families with Special Needs:

Connexions’ Parent Chat Support Group: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Parent Chat get-togethers have changed somewhat.  We are now organizing virtual Zoom webinars with a focus on specific topics that support families with special needs.  You can also connect with us on our Connexions Facebook page daily for our daily Livestreams with special guests.   You can also join us on our Parent Chat Facebook Discussion Page to chat with parents and share resources.

Live Chat Video Series: We are putting together a series of Live interviews with national, provincial and local community organizations who support families with special needs.  You can watch these Live Chats on our Facebook Page, on our website and also on our YouTube Channel.

Community & Online Resources:

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Connexions’ Articles on Special Needs

If you’ve missed any of our articles on Special Needs or are a new reader, we’ve made sure to gather them all under Connexions’ Articles on Special Needs.  The following are current and newsworthy articles that relate to children, youth and adults with special needs and that we have shared on our Website and through our Social Media.


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