Special Needs

Connexions is developing a Directory of Services for Parents of Children and Youth with Special Needs and we are continually adding more resources.

In our effort to further this important initiative, we are seeking collaboration from organizations who offer resources specific to this clientele, as well as input from parents who use the services within the Outaouais region.

Please contact us to share any resource you think should be included.

Financial Support for Families with Children with Special Needs

There are various funding options available from different levels of government and non-profit organizations.   They are available to families with children and youth with special needs ranging from developmental support needs to physical and mobility needs.

Camps & Activities for Children with Special Needs

The following is a list of various camps and activities that are specifically organized for children and teens with special needs.

Daycare Services for Children with Special Needs

The following provides an overview of daycare services for children with special needs at subsidized and recognized Child Care centres (CPEs) and Family Day Homes and highlights Pavillon du Parc’s Daycare Companion Service for autistic children.

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