Connexions’ Activities and Services for Youth

Adult Education Centre Health Forum:  Connexions partners with the Hull Adult Education Centre every fall to host a health forum. The forum offers workshops and information kiosks related to the transition into adulthood, including life skills such as budgeting, healthy relationships, drug and alcohol prevention, physical activity, and legal information for tenants.  Find out about past HAEC Health Forums and shared resources!

Connexions Kiosks:  Connexions takes part in a number of events organized by the Wester Quebec School Board (WQSB), the Western Quebec Career Centre (WQCC) and Cégep Heritage College including Career Fairs and Mental Health Fairs for youth.

Live Chat Video Series: We are putting together a series of Live interviews with national, provincial and local community organizations who support youth.  You can watch these Live Chats on our Facebook Page, on our website and also on our YouTube Channel.

Community & Online Resources:

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Abuse Support & Services
Shelters & Food Banks
Financial Aid
Employment Services
Educational Resources
High School Resources
Bursary Program
Legal Information
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Connexions’ Youth Related Articles

If you’ve missed any of our youth related articles or are a new reader, we’ve made sure to gather them all under Connexions Youth Related Articles.  The following are current and newsworthy articles that relate to youth and that we have shared on our Website and through our Social Media.

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