How to Register for a Family Doctor & See a Doctor Immediately

There are three ways to register on the Québec Government’s centralized online tool, the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF):

To register, you must have a valid Québec health card and be aged 14 or older.  Because the wait can be long, you should register immediately upon arrival in Québec. Priority is given to people with the most severe health problems.  For more information about registering for a family doctor, eligibility, updating your registration, finding your own family doctor, and more, visit: Registering with a Family Doctor.

In Québec, in order to consult a specialist (dermatologist, gynecologist, urologist, orthopedic, ophthalmologist, etc.), you must be referred by a general physician.

Once you have registered on the GAMF, here are a few health care services you could use while you wait for a doctor: